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Hey! I’m Cassie and here I am attempting to write a blog. Might be rubbish but I’m going to give it a good go!

From this blog, you can expect to see family travels, recommendations, tips and tricks. In this entry, I’m going to introduce ourselves and give you a bit of background about us :)

Grand Canyon, USA

I’ve been making my way around the world now for 11 years and can honestly say that I live for travel. I cannot bare the thought of not going abroad or not having the next holiday booked. There’s just something about that feeling of booking that next holiday in the sun and imagining yourself sat on the balcony, eating Lays while soaking up the last of the 5pm rays.

Antibes, France

As a child, my family have always traveled. My mom is an explorer and loves seeing the world, so I think my love of travel has been ingrained in me since a young’un. At the tender age of 21, I left home to work on cruise ships. I am a hairdresser by trade and that’s what I did onboard. I ended up working on ships for almost 3 years and travelled to Asia, America, New Zealand, Australia, Europe just to name a few!

Bungy jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand

However, life is now very different from that free little bird who woke up in a new country every day! Now, I have 2 beautiful boys and a husband (who I met on cruise ship #1), so traveling looks a wholeeeee lot different these days, but of course, we wouldn’t change it for the world!

Kuata Island, Fiji

Josh, the hubz, has also been traveling for about 12 years and is a chef by trade. He has done ski seasons as chalet chef, cruise ships, private yachts, we both lived in New Zealand together for a year and a ski season together in Northern Spain which was our last big travels before pandemic hit and we had our first baby!

Brisbane, Australia

In lockdown number one when I was pregnant and desperately wanted to leave my house, let alone the country, we decided that in the future we wanted a business that would take us on our travels, a business that would allow us to do a job which is our lives passion. This is when Sierra Retreats was born, our luxury travel business.

Skiing in Baqueira Beret, Spain

Since we’ve been allowed out (wahoo!) and we became parents (wahoooooo!!) we bought a minibus which we are in the process of converting in to a camper van which will accommodate us as a family of 4. We’ve been on a few trips in our unfinished camper van and I’m sure along the way, I’ll include pictures of the van and van holiday ideas.

But for now, with intro's done, I’ll leave this blog post at that and say I hope you enjoyed that load of waffle about us and on the next post it might be something more useful :D

Thanks for reading!


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