What are you doing to ensure health & safety related to Covid-19?

We are regularly checking the latest government advice and contacting our suppliers for their protocols for travel, accommodation and other activities. For specific advice on your booking we will give further details.

Where do you operate your services?

Our goal is to take you to unique locations in mountain ranges, we are currently offering bespoke holidays in Baqueira Ski resort, Spain between January-April.

What types of holidays do you offer?

We are currently offer mountain holidays in the snow, even if you're not a skier or snowboarder there is still plenty of other excursions, spas and local culture to enjoy.

How can I make a booking?

Send us an email with your requirements and our team will design you a bespoke holiday. We will give you a call and go over then finer details, once you're happy we will process your booking and you will receive confirmation via email with full details of your bespoke holiday. 

Are your ski holidays suitable for all ages and levels?

Yes, currently where we are operating in Spain, the resort is perfect for all, great for learning with English speaking instructors also guides to take you to world class off piste.

Do you offer flights included in your packages?
No, we do not have an ATOL license so we do not include flights with our packages, but we can recommend affiliated airlines and airports suitable for your trip.


What types of accommodation do you offer?

Luxury hotels, chalets, homes and apartments.

What is there to do in your destinations?

There are loads of excursions from husky sledding to local beer tastings. We look for places that have incredible culture and plenty to keep you occupied.

How many people can I book in my group?

Different accommodations restrict numbers, we advise what numbers are most comfortable for your chosen accommodation but generally we tend not to book numbers over 16. For larger groups we can find other ways to accommodate you but we wouldn't be able to offer the luxury bespoke service we aim for.

Can I book accommodation only?

Yes you can and we will recommend the best place for you with our expertise and knowledge of the locations.


Can I take my own sporting equipment?

Yes please inform us of all luggage you're taking so we can coordinate the correct transfers for you.

Can I bring pets?
Depending on the owners rules of the accommodation your have booked.

Is there child care available?

Yes we can provide care for all ages and cots can be provided.

Do you offer travel insurance?

No, you need to obtain your own travel insurance recommended just after booking.
We are currently in the process of
achieving our Tour Operator's license so you will be financially protected. We will also have in place our own Tour Operator liability insurance.


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Ski in Baqueira Beret, Spain this winter! One of the largest hidden luxury resorts in the Pyrenees.
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